04 June 2008

Some Technical News

Hello all,

we have a couple of technical things to communicate today:

1- We are sorry, but we are being forced to introduce a mandatory registration due to some abuses in the use of our service in the past period. We will bring this live in the coming days. Anway, be reassured, we will not be using your emails for spamming activities, we hate spam as much as you do, so don't worry...

2- We also have to inform you that Hotmail email addresses won't be accepted for the registration anymore. This is also something that goes beyond our intention and it's due to Hotmail's Spamming Filters. Apparently Hotmail filters are so powerful that they even stop legitimate emails, without bouncing them! Basically we send an email that never arrives and we never get an error message.

We spent a couple of weeks exchanging email with Hotmail support, but nothing happened despite our support in solving the situation, therefore we are pulling the plug for Hotmail and the likes... We apologise for the inconvenience, but this is really an issue for the guys at Hotmail and we can't help anymore.

We are not the only ones with this issue, if you want to read more you can check this interesting post: http://www.iis-aid.com/articles/iis_aid_news/are_hotmail_cutting_their_own_throat

We will be announcing new developments in the coming period, in the meantime keep using Manualsmania and spread the word!

The Manualsmania Team

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