28 May 2009

ManualsMania Store


we have quietly introduced the ManualsMania Store in the past days.

The reason for this move is simple: costs. Advertising revenues are not sufficient to recover our operational costs we have decided to introduce the store.

Currently only a small part of our 700,000+ manuals catalog has been placed on the store. We still want to keep ManualsMania as free as possible, but we are sure you understand that we have to cover our costs (nobody is getting rich here, trust us :-).

The pricing for the manuals on the Store is a fixed 1.99$. We believe it's a very honest price, especially when you check out there (10$ is a common figure).

If you have questions or problems on the store, just drop us an email and we will get back to you ASAP

The ManualsMania Team

31 March 2009

Supporting the Open Cloud Manifesto

Hi all,

not sure how many of you have followed the whole discussion about the Open Cloud Manifesto.

We don't want to bother you with another summary, you can just go to Google and find some links for this, much quicker for all.

Bottom line is that ManualsMania supports this initiative and we encourage everybody to form their own opinion on the subject. We have tried to come up with a good explanation of why we are supporting it, but we found that someone else had already done an excellent job, so we would like to just quote what Erik Carlin wrote on Mosso's blog (disclosure ManualsMania is hosted at Mosso):

"The Open Cloud Manifesto is just the beginning. Real action and collaboration are the keys going forward if we are to achieve anything meaningful. Like a good wine, good Texas steak, or any other standardization effort, cloud standardization will have to take its course. Rackspace is fully committed to providing customers choice, flexibility, interoperability, and portability as we believe it will drive wider cloud adoption, and that will benefit everyone. A rising tide will float all… clouds."

The above sentence really reflects our view (except for the Texas steak that we'd rather replace with "Italian food"), and we are committed to provide our support to it.

As always comments or feeback are more than welcome

The ManualsMania Team

23 February 2009

Worth A Try

well, with the current times, we see no problem in using this technique... :-)


19 February 2009

Moving the Servers...

Hi all,

we know we are not the best communicators when it comes to blogging, but that's because we are very busy behdind the scenes improving our catalog, setting up partnerships etc etc...

Anyway, this to announce that we are moving the site to a new hosting provider, so that's why you see a "Maintenance" page at the moment...

The move should improve the performance of the site dramatically and we should see futher improvements down the line.

We will keep you posted on how things go, so far so good..

The ManualsMania Team